Epiphanies And Paradigm Shifts Are Rare, But Matt Fitzgerald Gave Me One Of Each: Train To Recover

"How you think about an issue will determine your relationship to it, so think wisely, which is a life-long process of learning." FitOldDog "Get more out of your training by doing it backwards. Your fitness increases not while you run but during the recovery process that unfolds between runs. The stress of running flips a number of hormonal and genetic switches in various parts of your body, allowing each ... Read more

In Major Pre-Race Training Then You Have A Sore Throat And Feel Bad So What Do You Do?

  Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! A cold can turn into pneumonia, which can kill you, so get better. That's safe exercise for better health. What do you do when sickness gets in the way of your training, having caught a bad head cold from a kid in your house (happens from time to time - and it just did, again, and I got if from Nick about a week ago before he headed off for his snowboarding ... Read more

Invited Blog Post On Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Survival: Tom’s Story

The last week of June 2012, I had a terrible lower back problem. I went to the doc and they x-rayed my back. They didn’t find much problem with the back, but this AAA showed up and they sent me for a CT scan. Sure enough, they called and confirmed that I had a 7.0 cm aneurysm in my abdominal aorta. I had never heard of this, so I got online and read enough to scare me to death. I decided I better get a grip, and deal ... Read more

Rebuilding Your Life After Aortic Surgery With FitOldDog’s Quick Start Guide To Aortic Surgery Recovery

Hi folks, welcome!  FitOldDog's Guide to Aortic Surgery Recovery, or how to handle your life after such a life-threatening event, is now available, as is Aortic Disease From The Patient's Perspective. This weekend I also completed my first FitOldDog product, which is available for purchase on this site. This 49-page document was designed for the FitOldDog of August 2010, when I went from Ironman ... Read more

A Balanced Life Includes Appreciation Of Art, Science And Rest

  Hi folks, Years ago I read an excellent self-help book, entitled 'Self Help For The Bleak,' by Richard Hall, which promoted a balanced approach to life. I concurred with the opinions of this entertaining author, and when it comes to balance for the endurance athlete, I think that your life can benefit from a healthy mix of Art, Science and other things. I have been fortunate, as a scientist, to ... Read more

Advice To A Very Fit Woman Over 60 Who Has Never Been A Runner On Running Her First 10k

I was recently asked for advice on training for a 10k run. This request came via Twitter, and it was from a woman over 60 years of age (Ummhh!), had never been a runner (Oh! Boy!), said she is very fit (what kind of fit?), at some undefined time in the future (Oh dear!). Now, can I give meaningful advice in response to such a question with so many unknowns? My answer is "Yes! And she could have a great time, ... Read more

There Is No Such Thing As A Recovery Run

  Hi folks, A few years ago I managed to finish Chez Ollie, which covered 128 miles of really hilly roads, with four category one (very steep) climbs. It was really tough, but well organized, especially those salted potatoes at about 80 miles in. I was pleased to finish in eleven hours and forty minutes, which is pretty good for my age group. The next day I was sore and tired, but not really wiped ... Read more

Healthy Aging Recovery: Do Older People Need More Recovery Time

Healthy Aging Recovery: Do Older People Need More Recovery Time

Older People Do Need More Recovery Time! Yes! We Do! So What! Sometimes I Need Two (2) Recovery Days, So I Take Them! Build this body-awareness training into your exercise plan! To go as fast or far as you can. Exercise safely! Body awareness becomes increasingly important for healthy aging recovery. I should know, still doing Ironman races in my 70s Crazy Ol' Coot? No! Happy Older Athlete! If you ... Read more

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