In Major Pre-Race Training Then You Have A Sore Throat And Feel Bad So What Do You Do?


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A cold can turn into pneumonia, which can kill you, so get better. That’s safe exercise for better health.

Nick on crutches after his snowboarding trip to Utah

During Nick’s first trip down the mountain in Utah on his snowboard, and he’s a great snowboarder, he took a jump and hit a tree, knee first. Bummer! Been there, done that – and people ask me why I don’t ski anymore!

What do you do when sickness gets in the way of your training, having caught a bad head cold from a kid in your house (happens from time to time – and it just did, again, and I got if from Nick about a week ago before he headed off for his snowboarding trip)?

You rest! If you are mad about it, use your brain to say “It was meant to happen, my body needed a rest, so maybe it is time to taper for the race!”

If you are sick frequently consider the possibility that you’re overtraining, not eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, need a medical checkup, or just paying the price of the joy of living with kids!

IMPORTANT, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE OLDER: A bad cold can turn into pneumonia, which might kill you, and then you’ll certainly miss your race, so REST, DRINK PLENTY, AND RECOVER FIRST.

-k @FitOldDog


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