Food, Glorious Food And Harry Secombe Who Provided Sustenance For The Heart!

  Hi folks, I love food! I think that the level of our appetite for the good things in life gives away exactly how alive we are! Don't you? Forgetting food for thought and all that stuff, when it comes to eating there is a big difference between food and nutrition. Food: "any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and ... Read more

If You Are What You Eat, Where Can You Find Guidance You Trust?

Hi folks! I was recently paid the compliment of being asked the following question: "Anonymous is asking me if he can try using some kind of nutritional supplement as he wants to keep up an exercise and weight-training program through the spring and summer.  Can you suggest anything or any good resources for researching what would be best for him?  I don't want to let him waste money on something that's not ... Read more

Feldenkrais, Chia, and Extending Your Life, Thanks To Chris McDougall

Hi folks, (especially fellow AAA-stent owners, if I ever find any!), Tip for the day - one cup of chia (table spoon in cup of water) with Maple Syrup to taste goes down great just before and early morning swim. Doesn't sit on your stomach and you don't feel too hungry when you come out of the water (but you still want to eat, of course). Now I am eating a couple of tamales to finish off my breakfast. Really like ... Read more

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