G’day To Shark-Free Swimming With My New Paddles In Australia

  Hi folks, Here I am in Australia, enjoying a boiling hot Christmas day. I may be an aging Ironman athlete, but I sure don't want to swim with sharks. This reminds of an article I read years ago, in an old French magazine, called 'Swimming with Sharks.' It contained some great advice for a nascent businessman, such as myself, including, "When bitten, don't bleed." As a swimmer I would prefer to not be ... Read more

Try Running Straight Out Of The Weight Room

Hi folks, When my doctor or my coach tell me to do something, I don't necessarily do it. Most of the time I do, but now and then the action seems ill advised for me personally. In the case of doctors I argue, and they sometimes listen, but generally not. In the case of my coach, I give it a try, and if it doesn't feel right I let him know (or blog about it). Recently, I was instructed by my coach to do a ... Read more

We Need To Develop Do’s And Don’ts For AAA, Cardiac Stents, And Everything Else For That Matter

Boy, these old posts are badly written and constructed - that's how you learn! Hi folks, You hear of exercise being touted as a cure-all, whereas it can clearly be risky in certain situations. For instance, if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes are there amounts and types of exercise that are contra-indicated (not good in your situation)? I bet there are! This is true of age (too much bouncing on a ... Read more

Soreness After A Workout Provides Valuable Information

Hi folks, Yesterday I started on Victor's squat diet. Having an abdominal aortic aneurysm with a stent graft, I took a cautious approach, only carrying my squat down to the point where my knees made a 90-degree angle. I was also careful to use good form, pushing out my butt with a straight spine and a firm (but not rigid) core, whilst keeping my shins fairly close to vertical to the floor. During three sets, I ... Read more

Relaxed Strength Is Stronger Than Tense Strength, But Does Chi Exist?

  Hi folks, I was in the middle of our Pilates lesson the other day, when Tara our instructor said, "relax Kevin, you'll feel stronger that way." We know these things but we forget. This comment took me back 30 years to my Kung Fu lessons. I studied this martial art for two years under Floyd, a truly talented individual. We were trained in two main areas, mental resistance to pain and the development ... Read more

Develop A Personalized Routine To Be Effective In The Weight Room

Hi folks, I love to go to the gym and lift weights. At one time I was a weight lifting fool, able to press two 95 lb dumbbells from the flat bench, and I'm a little guy. I learned from my sons, real weight lifters, especially Nick who is busy lifting a great Tee-Shirt Business into existence out of no where. Having completed my race season for the year, now is the time to get back in the gym to build some strength ... Read more

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