Relaxed Strength Is Stronger Than Tense Strength, But Does Chi Exist?


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Somewhat like a rainbow, we straddle seven dimensions or layers of being, the seven major centers of energy entering and traversing our seven bodies through the chakra points. From:

I was in the middle of our Pilates lesson the other day, when Tara our instructor said, “relax Kevin, you’ll feel stronger that way.” We know these things but we forget. This comment took me back 30 years to my Kung Fu lessons. I studied this martial art for two years under Floyd, a truly talented individual. We were trained in two main areas, mental resistance to pain and the development of relaxed or fluid strength through the application of breathing techniques in relation to Chi flow. Most Westerners either don’t believe in Chi or they have never heard of it, whilst others are busy trying to prove its existence. Me, I have no doubt that something is there, even if it is just in my mind (like the rest of my reality?), and that it works. If it is not physically real, Chi certainly acts as though it is, just like Quantum Mechanics. I feel it as an energy flow field that can be blocked by injuries. My elder sister sees Auras, and she certainly ‘knows’ that they are there, whilst I have never seen them myself. It is generally futile to attempt to convince people of things they cannot detect and that you have no way of demonstrating convincingly. This applies to another big subject that I will leave alone!

During a visit to China in 1987 I observed first-hand the remarkable therapeutic effectiveness of acupuncture on a 5-year-old boy and a teenage girl, which further convinced me that ‘something is going on’ that was not addressed in my Western education as a veterinarian. This, to me at least, is reminiscent of the Royal Society rejecting the crazy claims of Anton van Leeuwenhoek that there were tiny moving creatures (animalcules) all around us. What sort of nonsense is that?

All of these thoughts and memories returned when Tara reminded me to relax, which I did, and immediately the effort of the drill decreased dramatically.

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