Change The Way You Move To Adapt To Aging And Cure Sports Injuries!

Change The Way You Move?

It’s Both An Art And A Science!

Development of the OQS movement method started with Mabel the cow!

(click on the cow, below, to read the chapter about Mabel on Amazon – don’t worry, it’s free!)

Keeps me going, anyway!


change the way you move

I had to change the way I move, to:

Learning to change the way you move as you age can be liberating.

It sure was for Geneva.

Wishing you happy trails,




  1. I am enjoying reading this book. You are a good writer and story-teller. I volunteer to proof your next one though. Those pesky punctuation errors. Or is it error’s? Or errors’?

    • Hi Marsha, I had it edited by two professional editors. One American and one English. I sure would appreciate you editing the paperback version, that I’ll be working on soon. That would be great. Tx! kev

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