Feldenkrais Fixed My Knee Where Everyone Else Failed

The Magic Of The Feldenkrais Method

It Opened My Mind To Body-Awareness Training

Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais method, which FitOldDog really admires because it is so effective. From: http://goo.gl/XIT8f

Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais method, which FitOldDog really admires because it is so effective.

To fix a body problem, you need a correct diagnosis.

Feldenkrais Essential For Our Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide

This lead to the

Simple Movement Therapy Method

[ASIDE: Feldenkrais training allowed me to solve the plantar fasciitis puzzle. Using a lesson from the ASTRO. Hard to convince people. But then, Ignaz had the same problem. Back to my knee, years earlier!]

I started training for triathlons about 20 years ago. I was in my early 50s. So I had to learn how to run. But I was a swimmer, not a runner.

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Feldenkrais played a big role in my final ability to qualify for the Boston Marathon, at age 67. I don’t run like a loaf of bread anymore. Would love to do it again!

I went out there and ran. Not well! My youngest son, who enticed me into triathlons, said I ran like a loaf of bread. Not anymore! Of course, not knowing what I was doing, I injured myself repeatedly. This eventually led to three (3) knee surgeries. That’s another story, though every injury affects all of the others!

I managed to run short races, without serous issues. But my goal was a full Ironman (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, 26.2-mile run). After about 10 years of shorter races, I started to up my game. Going longer and longer. Completing my first half-Ironman. Still no serious problems.

Trouble with my right knee I started as I undertook training for full marathons. Just one piece of an Ironman.

As I increased pace and distance, I had increasing pain in my right knee.

I tried:

  • Stretching
  • Ice
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Kinesiology
  • Acupuncture
  • Several podiatrists (one somewhat inebriated one)
  • Two physical therapists
  • Two chiropractors
  • Several doctors
  • A sports medicine physician, who injected cortisone into my patellar bursa

All to no avail!

BSA 650 Gold Flash, motor cycle, FitOldDog's advice,

This is where my knee pain started, 50 years previously. BSA 650 Gold Flash motor cycle, just like the one owned in the early 1960s, at the age of 19. It put me in the hospital with a broken right ankle – the end of my springboard diving. No physiotherapy in those days. No problem, until I started to run marathons.

I tried to find the source of the problem elsewhere, in my IT bands, quads and hamstrings.

Nothing seemed to make sense. This went on for over one year!

If I increased my running intensity or volume, my right knee would play up.

Then, by chance, I met my Feldenkrais teacher. A Science colleague, Karen Dold. I had never heard of Feldenkrais. I thought she said Frankenstein, when I asked what she was doing since leaving science.

I booked a lesson. I’d try anything!

Within a few minutes of my first session Karen located the source of my problem.

It was not in my knee. Only the pain was in my knee! As a result, Karen fixed my problem, by sending down the right road to successful recovery.

What Karen did is shown in the old video clip, below. Filmed by Karen on my Blackberry (no iPhones then). At a subsequent Feldenkrais session.

Once I knew the cause, I was on the road to recovery.

I had to work on flexibility for my right ankle.

Interestingly, I had noticed it was hard to balance on my right leg! Ankles play a big role, when you balance on one leg! Balance is also critical for safe running, especially on trails.

Karen got it right!

So much appreciated, Karen and Moshe!


My Feldenkrais training came to the rescue many times over the years. As I compete in one Ironman race after another. I just love the sport!

Wishing you happy trails.




  1. Rebecca Lawson said we should connect in our similar interests! Warmly, Brian

  2. Hi Brian,

    I finally thought to follow the link embedded in your name, and there was your blog. I remember now, Rebecca was telling me about you with respect to nutrition, not Rolfing! I’ll look through your blog, and get back with questions or comments. I wonder what you think about that new book by Gary Taubes – I wrote a review of it recently, finding his arguments to be robust on the biochemical, evolutionary, and social levels. Here is the link http://goo.gl/yROme if you want to take a look. Interesting ideas guy, Gary Taubes. I would be very interested in talking with you about nutrition, over coffee if you like. My last (really) scientific publication is coming out soon (heard about the acceptance the same day that my last paycheck arrived – I liked that), and it is on some work I have been doing for about 7 years in collaboration with a group at UNC, including a graduate student and then a post-doc (Ke, excellent thinker, and first author thank goodness), which addresses glycogen regulation using a ‘test bed’ approach to explore selected substrate dynamics. That is all behind me now in my new life, which includes learning to dance, which I would still be unable to enjoy if it wasn’t for the ministrations of Rebecca.
    OK! Off to look at your blog.
    -k @FitOldDog

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