Body-Awareness, Aging Floaters, And Charlie Brown’s Tongue!

Yes! You Can Go Too Far With Body Awareness!

But you should check it out, anyway!


“As we age the incidence of floaters (myodaeopsia) in the vitreous humour becomes more prevalent due to degenerative changes.” Natural Eye Care

Aging body-awareness can be challenging. Is there a change that needs to be checked out, or have I just noticed something that has always been there?

This always makes me think of Charlie Brown’s tongue!

charlie brown's tongue

From time-to-time, I notice the floaters in my eyes. They’re like old friends, which I don’t notice, most of the time. One is a long stringy smudge, probably from development of the vitreous body (the clear globe of gel that fills your eye-balls).

charlie brown's tongueI suspect that is is a remnant of Cloquet’s Canal, but I’m only guessing.

Recently, due to tiredness and a mild cold that caused a little eye irritation, there they were – IF I thought about them. As soon as I’m distracted by something, they disappear.

My floaters are there all the time, but they disappear when my brain decides it’s not interested in them anymore.

This makes me wonder, “What’s out there in the world around me that my brain never finds interesting? Things that remain invisible to me, but which other people can see?”

Lots of things, I bet!

Should I get my eyes checked? I can’t see my floaters, now!

Oh! Yes! So I can!!!

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