Combating Chlorine Irritation In The Pool – Listen To Derek

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MoisturizeI was itching like crazy the other day, and I thought, “It’s just the old cold weather dry skin.” But boy, was I itching – all over!!!! Then I remembered Derek, a delightful kid who visits our local pool quite often, and he always says (over and over and over), “Don’t forget to use your lotion after you swim, or you’ll itch.”

The most obvious problems with swimming pool chlorination, which reduces your chances of catching many water-borne diseases, are listed below, with a suggested solution in parentheses:

Nose clips. Not pretty, but boy do they help prevent chlorine allergy and general nasal irritation by sea and river water. They work!

Nose clips. Not pretty, but boy do they help prevent chlorine allergy and general nasal irritation by sea, river and pool water.

  1. Dry itchy skin, even a rash (apply lotion after a long shower, only patting your skin dry to keep in the moisture before applying the moisturizer).
  2. Dry, brittle hair, which isn’t a big deal for me (wear a close fitting swim cap – the new, latex ones are pretty good).
  3. Chlorine allergy, which may even trigger asthma in some cases, I understand (wear nose clips, they REALLY work, amazingly enough).
  4. Suits and goggles wear out quickly due to chemical oxidation (always have spares, as you don’t want to fall out of your suit – happened to me one time).

It’s your choice if you do have ‘chlorine allergy,’ sneeze for an hour or two or look like a dork under water – no brainer.

Happy laps.

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  1. Good advice. I know you do not recommend products but what lotion do you use? Have you tried those designed to neutralize chlorine (pricy but seem to work). Ditto for the shampoos. Thanks.

    • Hi Bill, I find that the type of moisturizer is less important than how it is applied. The bottle in the photo was left over from my use in The Hampton Inn on my latest return trip from The Cleveland Clinic. I did use Chlorine shampoo when I had hair to speak of, but now I just have a number two cut all over at great clips. The chlorine shampoo actually worked very well, by the way. I forgot about that. Cheers, Kevin

    • PS I do recommend certain products, even on my blog as affiliate links, and in the useful links page, but I don’t know one moisturizer from another. -k

  2. The skin is our body’s largest organ, and we often overlook taking care of it. Shea cream/butters are my favorite; the Vaseline lotion products are good too.

  3. Try rubbing 1 Tbsp more or less of olive oil into your scalp.

  4. I know this sounds like a blatant plug, but I created my own Recovery Phase Swim because I suffered. I don’t feel too bad plugging though because it’s not available in the US only UK . I just thought you may be interested in how and why I made it. This chat was too up my street not to comment. May help some of you, it certainly helped me!

    • HI Alsion (should it be Alison?), it is a plug, but I’d like to try it. PROBLEM! The only country the ordering system accepts is United Kingdom. You need to fix that. Thoughts? I sure would like to try it and write a quick review if it’s good. Cheers, Kevin

      • Haha yep too fast fingers. Alison it is! I’d love to send you some to try.We are a new start up and you are right I’m only selling in the UK at the moment. If you want to let me have your address though, I’ll send you some. I recommend the Green Tea version if the chlorine smell lingers on you. The fragrance Free is best for those with very sensitive skin. It’s all natural and packed with Vitamins, designed for your face as the most sensitive area but can be used anywhere. For best results used before and after swimming. Cheers Alison

        • Hi Alison,

          116 High Street, Carrboro, NC 27510 USA

          I’ll test it on myself, and then some friends, and let you know how it goes. Maybe we can front for you in the US – I’m a neophyte businessman, learning every day.
          Kevin aka FitOldDog

    • Just recommending your skin cream. It is great. -kevin

  5. Glad you like it. I’ve had some great feedback from Triathlon coaches, Ironmen and casual swimmers, now on to my marketing …. Thanks again for trying it.

    • Hi Alison, do you plan on selling in the USA? Do you have an affiliate program? If you do, I would sign up and put a banner on my blog and elsewhere, it’s great stuff, and people hate the chlorine itch. Marketing is tough, and Google is making things harder, me thinks! Cheers, Kevin

  6. Your nose-clip for swimming, what brand is it. I can’t find anything in the u.s that has the same form and flat/low, secure profile.

    Cheers, Louise

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