OK Cook Medical Wish Us Luck Rupert (My Zenith Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft) And I In Our Second Ironman Race Together


Hi folks,

FitOldDog's support team, Lake Placid Ironman,

FitOldDog’s support team at the Lake Placid Ironman 2012, including Deb, Myles, Meg, Jess, Tara, Nick (hiding) and Duncan (rolling his eyes in the background).

Well, here we go, Rupert and I, thanks to Cook Medical and the skill of Joe Fulton and his team, to do the Lake Placid Ironman together for the second time. Gun goes off at 7:00 am tomorrow morning, July 22nd, 2012. I have a great support team, about to eat my early dinner, and then rest and sleep and prepare for a great day of safe exercise for better health two years after my abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery. The Lake Placid Ironman 2010 literally saved my life, with the help of Cook Medical products (Thanks!). Amazing what modern technology can do for your life, so be grateful, I say.

I also want to thank all those people back home, who could not make it, but made this race possible, including training partners, trainers, and supportive friends. Thanks a million, everyone.

No ironman is an island.

Wish Rupert and I luck, we need it.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. stacey mcdonald says

    I’m with you all the way Kevin. Sending you lots of love and support. I hope its a great one.


    • Hi Stacy, sorry the reply is so late, and thanks for your support. I DNFed due to heat stress, but I was not alone. I made the right decision, and I’ll explain the important lessons learned in my post today. Look forward to seeing your smiling face soon. Probably back on Thursday evening. -k

  2. How did it go?
    Ironman site only shows upto half way on cycle ride

  3. Hi Trevor, I developed heat stress that took me (and lots of other people, especially older people based on my observations) down at 70 miles into the bike. I made the right decision to pull out, which is very hard to do after one year of training. The heat was deceptive, only in the upper 80s on one side of the hill but on the other side it went into the 90s. For me the problem was the heat was combined with high humidity (and older age!), and I don’t sweat well at the best of times. Fascinating lesson in life, and yes, I’ve signed up for next year. Now I recover, and train for the New York City marathon. Will blog about lessons learned at this race in today’s post. Thanks for following, I appreciate it. -k

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