Could Willy Loman Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities?

Death of a Salesman

Is a person really ever truly trapped? This may seem to be the case and not the case, but the question is a fascinating one.

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There will be a day I cannot runSometimes I feel like a young man trapped in an old man’s body, as I deal with the challenges of training, especially when it comes to running. So, can I turn setbacks into opportunities?

As I struggle to get my training back on track, and deal with the challenges of WordPress locking up all the time, I decided that I needed to read a good book. I chose a an uplifting and cheerful play, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller. I’d already seen the movie in my youth, and it left me wondering what that was all about. Funnily enough, this was true of The Razor’s Edge, for which I needed to go on my own life’s journey before it made sense, which it now does, as does the weird adventures of Candide.

FitOldDog with Rebecca, his body movement teacher.

FitOldDog with his body movement teacher, Rebecca, who helps to keep his old body moving along the pool, the road, and the trail. Selfie by FitOldDog

Having left my career of 40 years, and living on a fixed income and savings, as I work to build a business (no guarantees of success there), I felt a little more empathy for the main character, Willy Loman, who was struggling with a sad state of affairs. But, unlike Willy Loman, I went to see my dance and Continuum instructor, and partner in the Plantar Fasciitis business, Rebecca.

We discussed my training, came up with approaches to getting things on track, agreeing that my issues derived from a tight left glut. I then got back on with my life, and back on the trails.

No FitOldDog is an island.

I wonder what Willy could have done better back in those days? I guess the message that Arthur Miller was trying to get across was, “Not much.”

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  1. No Lake Placid?

    • Nope, Nigel advised against it, as I’m still not over that surgery and loss of training, so I transferred the registration to the Maryland Ironman in September, at no cost, fortunately. -kev

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