Creation Of The FitOldDog Club – I Bet We Can Change The World, Old Geezers – Not Dead Yet!

So you want to be a FitOldDog?

FitOldDog with Deb! Did they choose wisely. It would appear that they did.

Life is brief, choose wisely.

Here are the proposed membership benefits, rules and objectives:

  1. Free access to all FitOldDog products – please don’t disseminate for free.
  2. Advice on your particular health challenge. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will research the best approach to working out what you should do to get back in shape, and move beyond your health challenge.
  3. Access to advice, input and support from other members of the FitOldDog Club.
  4. Free access to regular Skype sessions, where you can talk to the membership.
  5. If it can be arranged, an annual dinner (for a fee) at a race location after the race – I don’t care if this is a 5k run or an Ironman (I’m not up to ultramarathons yet. Give me time!).

    FitOldDog's first Continuum Lesson

    Learn about amazing stuff, like Continuum.

  6. A FitOldDog sticker for your fridge or car – if so desired by the membership.
  7. A FitOldDog medal for major annual goal achieved – if so desired by the membership.
  8. Other things as the club evolves, based on membership input as we grow.

Membership rules of the FitOldDog Club

  1. Members are over 50 years of age, except in exceptional circumstances, with FitOldDog as the judge, along with input from other members if he deems it appropriate (probably most of the time).

    Picture of FitOldDog's Sparky, who died of autoimmune diabetes.

    Learn how to feel your way safely back to health.

  2. Members agree to follow and spread the word on our member mantra, which is “Safe Exercise for Better Health.” YES! Safe exercise, as best we can define it for each of us with our respective health challenges.
  3. To be a member you should be heading for or recovering from a major health challenge, and you could benefit from member support to help you get back on your feet and back in training OR you are supporting a friend or family member through such a challenge.
  4. You are willing to write at least one inspiring story on this site to motivate your fellow members.
  5. You will set a training goal for each year, whether that be reaching the bathroom unaided or completing an ultramarathon – when you reach your main annual goal you will receive a FitOldDog medal to hang on your wall (if you so desire – Deb likes my race medals, a lot, which is why I added this idea).
  6. Other things as they seem to be critical for our success – my mantra is “Any fool can make a rule,” so I don’t want rules for the sake of it, but we do need a club focus.

If it goes it goes.

I bet we could help a lot of people if we put our minds to it.



  1. Glenn Jones says

    Sounds very interesting Kevin, though I’m not sure I will be able to make the annual dinner. America is a long way to go for a feed!:)

    Rgds, Glenn

    • Hi Glenn, hopefully as I become successful in business we’ll get to visit Australia and Deb’s family more frequently, then we could have a meeting of the antipodean branch of the club – or should I call it a Society? It’s an experiment in marketing and focus on helping people in a more definite way. I’ll charge for club membership if it’s successful, as I experiment with new ideas. Would you be interested in a regular Skype session of interested parties? Could be once/mth. Cheers, Kevin

  2. Sounds great! Do I fit the criteria ? I did just turn 50:) shhhh!!!
    What’s the fee to get it?


    • In your case, IF you want to change the World, you’re in. I need to start setting up Skype sessions. Interested? We can talk golf if you like – I did play in Scotland for a while.

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