Deal With The Physical Challenges of Aging By Decoding Tightness Through Regular Body Work

FitOldDog has body work on his tight leg muscles

FitOldDog receives one-on-one body work on his tight leg myofascia from Rebecca, his Body Movement teacher. Photo by FitOldDog.

As an older athlete, now in my 70s, keeping my body moving in endurance races takes a little body work, where the input of experts helps a lot.

I must admit that I love my training life-style, but each day I have to work on tight spots, and from time-to-time I seek assistance from body movement experts. If I was as well off, financially, as Bob Hope in his later years, just like him I’d have a massage every day, but that happens to not be the case (until my business takes off, anyway!). So, I do much of the work myself with rollers and such, whilst taking regular guidance from my body movement teacher, Rebecca.

Here is a trick that I use to control roller pressure on my tight calves before and after running – gently does it!!!

Finding those tight spots, decoding issues associated with running, such as plantar fasciitis and ileo-tibial band syndrome (ITBS), in order to keep them at bay, is a regular and interesting challenge.

As you age it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid and treat injuries, especially those associated with running, so vigilance is the key.

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