In Defense Of Shane Ellison? Don’t Think I Can But I Might Be Wrong, Who Knows?

Hi folks,

Alice and the Red QueenYou never want to start an arms race, or you end up like Alice and the Red Queen, moving faster but getting nowhere. I think I might have started such a race in the form of an undercurrent of hostility in a comment stream in response to a blog post I wrote a while ago. In fact, I have clearly irritated some people by countering arguments made by Shane Ellison about the ‘drug industry.’ If you want the details go to my blog post, entitled, “A Masters Degree in Science! In Defense Of My Colleagues In PHARMA,” and the associated comment stream.

I concluded from researching Mr. Ellison and listening to his video that he was at best disingenuous. His presentation reminded me of ‘Dr. Science,’ with his Master’s Degree in Science. I reexamined the material a few minutes ago, and see no reason to change my opinion about Mr. Ellison without further evidence to the contrary. However, I indicated in my comment stream to one Shane Ellison supporter, Damien, that I found his comment to be hostile in nature. I was lying in bed thinking about this an hour or so later, and it occurred to me that my response to the Shane Ellison video used mockery, and mockery is certainly hostile in nature. So I regret this, but I still find the parallel to be valid, so maybe Damien is also being reasonable and his energy just reflects his sincerity, not hostility. I must add, in support of Damien’s comment, that I did meet a few Dr. Sciences in PHARMA and some of them rose to the top of the heap – upper management – to my amazement.

In agreement with Shane Ellison, I don’t believe in the pill mentality promoted by PHARMA. I also think that alternative medicine has a lot to offer. I have gained from acupuncture, whilst experiencing adverse and unhelpful responses to drugs from the ‘Pharmaceutical Giants.’ But I continue to gain a great deal from some of their drugs, such as my current hypertension medicine.

My question is, “How does one have a reasoned debate around such issues without creating unnecessary animosity or spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to research the issues?

I guess I will have to buy Shane Ellison’s book and read it, but I don’t want to, which I guess means that I should, so I will. Until then I reserve further judgment on this man and his claims!

These issues are relevant to my blog on safe exercise for better health, as are nutrition, training, meditation, spirituality and so forth. The best example I have in my life of poor guidance from a physician was his insistence that I take an anti-inflammatory drug combined with Valium (a PHARMA cocktail) for stress-induced jaw pain, which I refused. The stress was due to personal issues, work challenges, interrupted sleep and a heavy training schedule. I chose meditation and a short vacation, instead of drugs, which solved the problem rapidly and more safely. So was this doctor (MD) a ‘quack,’ misguided by PHARMA indoctrination, or fearful of litigation if my condition worsened? Generally my medical guidance from these people has been solid. When it comes to alternative, nutritional medication, I tried quite a few, including pounds of beetroot, to no avail for my AAA stent-induced hypertension, but the PHARMA drug Lisinopril (ACE inhibitor) works wonders, as have antibiotics for walking pneumonia and anesthetics for surgery.

The bottom line is that it is your body and you get to decide who to believe and which course to follow. Comments from Shane Ellison supporters with meaningful data, or anyone else for that matter, would be much appreciated.

-k @FitOldDog

PS I appreciate Damien’s comment, as this prompts potentially educational debate and causes me to reflect on my approach to life – but not to sleep, which I should be able to do now, having done my best to address Damien’s comment more politely and appropriately.



  1. Seeking reasoned debate is not always easy, not always possible.

    It is easy to select a fact, a bad act and then say “see that proves it you are wicked”.

    For example: As an Englishman I see no need to apologise for the slave trade. The longest campaign in Royal Navy history was the “West Africa Station” It lasted from 1805 t0 the outbreak of the American Civil War. It was an attempt to blockade the Atlantic to stop the slave trade. It was an all volunteer effort and thousands of seaman died in the effort. Meanwhile Baltimore built fast ships to bust the blockade.

    I respect the effort of the Royal Navy and refuse to apologise for a trade that Britain tried to stop whilst Americans (North and South) sought to continue.

    I cannot see why that the wickedness of past generations or other people in the present one can be passed on to others (together with denounciations) who are free from guilt. Similarly I see no need for living Baltimore ship wrights to apologise for the past errors of other people. That is plain silly.

    I also know that the clerk in the local branch of Barclays Bank did not fix Libor Rates. Whilst it is appropriate to criticise Barclays there is no just cause to shout at a local bank clerk.

  2. S. Shaffer says

    Shane can come across harsh, but he provides good info. I was hospitalized some years ago when I found out I was type 2 diabetic with fasting bg in the 400’s that was causing a heart arrhythmia.
    While in the hospital they used insulin to get it under control and I was discharged with a Metformin prescription. (Big Pharma to the rescue, not always evil lol) My doctor’s plan was to start me on insulin injections after that month depending on how effective the Metformin was.
    I got really depressed & was a bit hopeless at first. But after some research, Shane and a few other sources convinced me that I had the power to fix this problem.
    Within that month of Metformin I started taking supplements and COMPLETELY changed my lifestyle. Simple carbs were now seen as the poison they are. Exercise, good nutrition and meditation were my cures.
    In that 1 month my bg fell into nearly normal levels and I was no longer a candidate for any diabetes medication. *Yay!!! No insulin shots for me*
    I understand where Shane’s anger & hostility come from though. Google search led me to a cure, not my doctor. Advice from strangers on the internet got me healthy, not pharmaceutical drugs or medical knowledge from a trusted family doctor. It shouldn’t be that way. The entire system is broken.
    And for the record, I haven’t purchased anything from Shane’s company yet. He’s helped to change my life and hasn’t made a dime from it. I haven’t even purchased his books, so you’ve spent more on Shane’s products than I have. Lol
    Thanks for more free info, much appreciated. I’ve already bookmarked a few of your links. 🙂
    Respectfully S. Shaffer

    • Hi S,
      I enjoyed your comment.
      It all started when I took exception to his video, with it’s blanket criticism of my colleagues. I finally read his book, and pretty well agreed with 8/10 of his ‘myths.’
      We each have to be our own doctor. PHARMA is a self-justifying system, part of our so-called health system (really sickness system). This is inevitable from evolutionary theory, and the nature of power/money.
      I’m fortunate to have veterinary medical training, thus my response to the use of valium.
      Thanks for writing. Some people were not so polite. I understand why Shane Ellison has this attitude, but it doesn’t work for all of us.
      I so glad you worked it out, in spite of PHARMA, and the medical system that promotes their toxic chemicals (some of which have saved my life).
      Kind Regards,
      Kevin aka FitOldDog

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