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Hi folks,

Victor doesn’t believe in race wheels, and nor do I. The best approach is to train as you race. For instance, my new Guru has Zip Wheels that really catch the wind, and if I didn’t train with them on windy days I might be in trouble during heavy gusts on race day. This thinking is best applied to every aspect of your training, I suspect, including nutrition.

Yep! I eat about nine (9) of these during the Lake Placid Ironman bike leg. From: http://goo.gl/FsUwwI bonked a number of times in races, and finally spent a winter working on the issue. The conclusion I reached was that food content is important, but flavor is equally so. I do the usual coach-recommended pre-loads and all that stuff, then on the bike it is all about chocolate-flavored Power Bars. As I ride, I eat 1.125 Power Bars per hour, one bite every ten minutes, giving me about 300 calories per hour. For my just under 7 hour bike time that adds up to a lot of Power Bars. I have tried other flavors, and all sorts of other foods, liquid and solid, but these Power Bars work for me, and I still like them. Weird but true, and no more bonking. Oh! Yes! If it is a hot race, I carry Endurolyte tablets, too.

On the run I use Hammer Gel (100 calories/gel), one sachet every 30 minutes or three miles, whichever is the lesser, and I throw the packets in the trash cans (please!). Again, when it comes to flavor, raspberry turns my stomach but orange is fine. I carry them in my back pocket on my tri top, only relying on rest stops for water, and maybe a source of salt if it is hot, such as chicken soup if I’m lucky, or a couple of pretzels, per station.

The take home message is: don’t give up on a good product before testing several flavors.

Enjoy racing without bonking.

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. Nice post Kevin. Am working on a blog post about the wheel topic. Applies to everything in racing. There is an important psychological component to everything being the same. No surprises, so you can completely focus your attention to the task at hand.

    • Kevin Morgan says

      Thanks Victor, I like the idea of your post, as any change race day is a bad idea. Here the town is getting geared up and I’m off to pick up my packet. I really like coming to this place each year. Bike is functioning perfectly. -k @FitOldDog

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