Do You Mind If I Call You A Senior? Hell No!

Hi folks,

Today I was chatting to Tara, a young friend and great massage therapist, Gyrotonic instructor and athlete, when she mentioned a television program called ‘Are You Fitter Than A Senior?’ As I never watch TV it was news to me. Then Tara said, “I wouldn’t like to compete with you guys,” and she rapidly followed up with “Ooops! Sorry! Do you mind if I call you a Senior?” Off my mind raced as it processed the data and came to the conclusion, ‘Hell! No!‘ For a start, I sure wouldn’t want to be a confused teenager again. Would you?

Then I thought of all the advantages of my current situation. Ten percent off of bird food at Southern States on Tuesdays, and I love watching the birds out of my window as I blog. In fact, here is my bird feeder. Whether feeding birds is a good ecological practice I will have to leave to another day, though I do think about it from time to time.

The bird feeder outside of my kitchen window gives me hours of pleasure, but is it good for the birds I wonder?

Many places give senior discounts if you go on the right day. Plus, my social security check feels good, but that is another complex ethical issue. Then I thought, “well, I guess we can look at it in one of two ways, pejorative or positive.” On the downside, we could see ourselves being looked upon as old farts, ‘has beens,’ and so on, but what a waste of time that would be. Alternatively, we can see ourselves as more experienced in life, worthy of respect, and a force to be reckoned with. In fact, just like everyone else, old or young. Now! I don’t EVER watch TV, but I would like to see that program Tara mentioned. Maybe it will come out on YouTube, you never know your luck.

Eagleman is only three days away.

Eagleman Website from

Got to go and pack my race gear, do my best in the race, go by some people half my age (I love that!), and be dropped by some people five or ten years my senior (I love that even more, because it gives me encouragement for the future!).

That’s fine, Tara, you can call me a Senior anytime! I take it as a sign of respect!


-k Your Medical Mind

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