Don’t Change Your Strategy During The Race


Hi folks,

The road can beat you up on the bike but that is what it is all about, right?

The road can beat you up on the bike but that is what it is all about, right?

After yesterday’s long (80-100 miles) hard (climbing and head wind all the time) bike ride, followed by a 40-minute run, we were left looking a pretty tired bunch, over all. I then found that I just couldn’t think beyond what to eat, which became a whole pizza and more, and then sleep, which was long. Now my brain feels fried, but it was my body that did the work – the brain and the body are all one machine. In this state of physical exhaustion, blogging intelligently feels beyond me, though I know at least one person who will say, “So, what’s new?” (that would be Rory).

A tired body makes for a tired mind,” is why you should try to avoid changing a well thought out strategy for any tiring endeavor. It doesn’t mean that you stick to it come what may, but hesitate to change your plan on a whim. You may have to adapt to changing circumstances, and that should be part of any well-reasoned strategy.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Workout PLAN: COACH Chris Hauth
move  Run 1:40:00 Tucson
move  Swim 1:15:00 Tucson


  1. How can you ride 80-100 miles and have a headwind all the time? Sounds like your mind was getting involved in the workout…No sympathy from Hauth, I’m sure!

    • Hi Rory,
      So headwind is one word. I need to fix that. On the way out we had hill climb, on the way back we had a serious headwind, so I guess it was climbing OR headwind all the way. The wind on the way back was so strong that we had to pedal pretty hard to go down negative 2-3% grades, but it was excellent training. I was pleased to be able to run pretty well off of the bike. You would really enjoy this camp, my friend.

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