Don’t Stretch Muscles, Strengthen And Lengthen Them!

Don’t Stretch Muscles?

What Are You Talking About, FitOldDog?

Don't stretch muscles, strengthen and lengthen them.

Fifteen days post-thoracic surgery, and rehab, using strengthening and lengthening, is paying off. Photo by Rob, at O2 Fitness, Carrboro, NC.

As I rehabilitate my left shoulder, following thoracic surgery, avoiding a frozen shoulder is critical. This requires a careful program of strengthening and lengthening.

I work to increase range of motion, each day, and strengthen the muscle groups involved.

For several days after surgery, there was no way I could lift my left arm above my head, let alone think of doing military press.

However, I pressed on, gradually raising that arm higher and higher, and now adding a little weight, for military press. This exercise is but one component of a full weight routine.

I use light weights and volume, for Ironman training.

As you can see in the photo, this work is paying dividends.

If I do it right, I’ll be swimming freestyle in a couple of weeks.

Remember: Don’t stretch muscles, strengthen AND lengthen them.

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