Doom Bunny And FitOldDog’s Support Crew For The New York City Marathon 2012


Mail box at Southern Rail Restaurant in Carrboro NC USA

The mailbox at our post-track run favorite carboload spot, Southern Rail, Carrboro, NC, USA. Great beer! Great service! And I really like the rabbit!

Hi folks,

FitOldDog's support crew enjoy Halloween

Never forget your support crew, be they at the race or back home keeping the home fires burning – thanks Randy and Myles (scary!)

Well, in spite of everything, the New York City Marathon is still on! So my traveling support crew of six great people are getting ready to fly, bus, walk, swim and whatever it takes, to get to the race and see FitOldDog and his fellow members of Team Heartosaurus come into Central Park after running through one of the greatest cities on Earth.

Yeh! Couldn’t do it without you (well, not exactly, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun). And a big thanks to all the other people who got me this far, including teachers, friends and other inspiring human beings.

OK! Time to pack light and head for New York to see if my program of safe exercise for better health is working! My goal is to finish without injury, as I prepare to train for the Los Cabos Ironman in March – my first love (exercise-wise), Ironman training. The moral of this short post is, Don’t forget to show appreciation for your support Crew.

-k @FitOldDog


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