Emotional Stress Makes Training A Challenge, But Exercise Helps You Handle Emotional Stress!

Homer Simpson, the scream

Faery ring.

If you believe in faerys, that might help too! Photo by FitOldDog during an early run.

FitOldDog’s Exercise Tips: Into every life a little rain must fall, right? But try to workout anyway.

When it comes to stress, it is important to optimize eustress (good stress) in your life, and minimize distress (bad stress).

I was at the pool a couple of days ago, whilst in the middle of a family ‘issue’ that made no sense at all – someone is crazy and I know it’s not me (but then, all crazy people say that, don’t they?) – I just couldn’t swim. I went for a walk instead, as I couldn’t get into my run, fell asleep at 6:00 p.m., awoke in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Meditation helped.

The next day was the same. This morning I spent 2 hours with a friend as they watched their lovely dog die (old age, and still wagging it’s tail – I hope I do that), and I decided enough was enough, and did several good workouts (half-mile run, roll my tight calf, steady 2,000 yard swim, 1-mile run, roll calf, 1-mile run, roll tight calf, fix flat bike tire flat, write this, and go do the next workout). I felt so much better afterwards.

It’s funny how emotional stress beats us up, makes it hard to workout out, but a good workout seems to fix the problem.

Now I feel great! Nothing has changed but my attitude.

Photo by FitOldDog showing his dog's tapetum lucidum.

Do you see Scooter, scary little dog? Photo by FitOldDog when the power went out.

Thinking about wagging your tail, why do dogs have a tapetum lucidum in each eye? It must have some survival value, beyond making them look scary in the firelight. Then again, maybe that is what they’re used for?

Then again, here’s what The Free Dictionary by Farlex had to say: “The role of the tapetum lucidum is to increase the probability of visual stimulation of the photoreceptors by reflecting light back after having already traversed them once, thus aiding vision in dim illumination. In some species the tapetum consists of guanine crystals.”

Then, of course, I had to look up Farlex. Questioning is good for the mind, within reason!

Now, didn’t that take your mind off of your emotional problems? Works for me!


Kevin aka FitOldDog




  1. Exercise – working the big muscles of the body – helps ‘burn off’ those bad stress chemicals that take over our body. I always feel better after exercise, so why don’t we all turn to it more often? I’m trying to do that too. Love the old dog story.

    • Keep up the good work Marsha, and I’m glad you enjoyed. Seeing Scooter’s eyes in that picture makes me laugh every time. Laughter is probably the best medicine of all. -kevin

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