Exercise and Aging Distance Swimming Trick

Exercise and Aging

exercise and aging distance swimming

Look and learn! Should be in every doctor’s office.

I decided to do an easy 2,000 yard swim, the morning of my 75th birthday, a couple of days ago. A party was coming, so I’d better be ready. Right?

A fit young (50ish) swimmer in the next lane said, “How’s it going?”

I replied, “It’s my birthday. I’m 75, can you believe it?”

This guy was an excellent swimmer. I should have known what he would say. It always happens in swim clubs.

“Are you going to do your 75 100s?”

I thought for a second. “No way my shoulders are up to that, right now.”

“I’ll do 75 50s, how’s that?” (Just over two miles)

“Do it!” He said. So I did.

About lap 40 (2,000 yards), I felt my shoulders complaining. Then I remembered some swimming advice by Terry Laughlin, of Total Immersion Swimming. Terry Laughlin died, recently, which I was sad to hear.

The advice/trick? As you start your power stroke, instead of thinking of pulling yourself through the water with your arms, think of fixing your arm and shoulder in place. As though it’s locked in the water. Then roll your body around this fixed point.

It worked like a charm. The next 35 laps flew by.

Thanks, Terry.

Stay in shape if you want to have fun when 75 hits.


kev aka FitOldDog

PS Oh Yes! Deb and I fitted in a 4-mile run before people arrived. How’s them apples?


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