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Dead turkey buzzard (vulture), first I've seen and it was sad because they sure do a great job of cleaning up the roads.

Dead turkey buzzard (vulture), first I've seen and it was sad because they sure do a great job of cleaning up the roads.

I was talking to Victor, my ‘Bike Guy,’ the other day, and he said that he liked my blog. Then he told me that I might talk less about myself. So that is my plan, except today’s story is one that any of us could experience, so I went ahead anyway.

In spite of all my meditation and calming the mind techniques, I still get mad from time to time, and this is what happened this morning. A series of events pushed me over the edge, and then I was mad. I get silent mad, I try to fight it, but sometimes I lose the battle. So I decide to go for my bike ride on my own and calm down. Off into a cold windy day, zip wheels blowing all over the place, cold feet, no foot warmers left, and still mad at mile 10. Bit less mad at mile 20, and then I saw the dead turkey buzzard. I like these guys, even though they are considered to be ugly. People have funny ideas about what is ugly and what is not, but these remarkable birds sure clean up the roads. So I felt a bit sad for this bird, and sad is better then mad.

A lovely bank of narcissi on the road in February, near Carrboro, North Carolina.

A lovely bank of narcissi on the road in February, near Carrboro, North Carolina.

Then a few miles further along the road, with numb feet, a truck nearly clipping me with a wing mirror, I spotted a patch of yellow. A bank covered with narcissi. What a treat, bringing thoughts of Spring. Then I noticed that my legs were more springy, wattage was up, and all felt well with the world. I was just glad to be alive, and not mad. Nothing had changed with respect to the things that had irritated me earlier, but here I was, happy again. I could have been happy all along, I just chose to be mad. Bad choice!

I returned frozen stiff but feeling great. That is one of the joys of exercise. It is hard to start training when you are angry, but it sure helps to stick to your plan, and you’ll come back a different person.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Workout PLAN Coach: Chris Hauth
Duration: 04:00:00
easy ride – sub 115HR!


  1. What made you so mad?

  2. Strange, I remember being a bit down and getting a lift from the first Narcissus of spring.
    With regards to rage, I use it to help in writing verse. I just cannot rage when I find a patch of wild narcissus. They may be called “wild” but they do bring ease to me.

    Narcissus Flowers

    Down there by where the small stream flows
    It’s damp and shady too
    That’s where the wild Narcissus shows
    Its sunny yellow hue

    Its face looks down t’wards the ground
    Its leaves all look upright
    There bumble bees will buzz around
    Through dappled rays of light

    So seeming shy it flowers there
    Within the semi-shade
    Narcissus does not have a care
    Nor debts that must be paid

    Narcissus is a flower, that’s all,
    Within a habitat
    And sorrow does not come to call
    For flowers don’t feel that

    If pain and sorrow is in us
    We can’t externalise
    Plants have no part in all our fuss
    In time we may be wise

    © T. Morgan 26.3.03

  3. Pauline Watson says

    with regards to your bike guy’s comments – I disagree. I enjoy hearing your take on training and life; it is how we individually react to our environment that makes us different and interesting people. There is a lot of ‘same old, same old’ out there.

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