Exercise To Prepare For Aging Not Important – Think Again!

Exercise To Prepare For Aging

exercise for aging

For more information on the amazing guy, Robert Marchand, in the image above, follow this link to Bicycling.

This guy took exercise to prepare for aging, seriously. He didn’t even know he was preparing for aging, but he was!

True story:

Exercise for agingThe 69-year old Ironman-distance triathlete slips and falls on icy steps in the winter. He lands square on his right hip and bounces. Yes! Bounces down the remaining seven icy-hard steps. He jumps up and moves on, as if nothing had happened. Then he pauses a moment, to think, “Boy, I sure am glad I’m fit. I could have broken my hip, and that might have been that.” And off he went for a jaunt in the woods, with his yellow lab, Willbe.

If you don’t believe it, take a close look at the MRI images. They are sections through the thighs of three ‘old guys.’ White is fat, except for the bone (femur) in the center of each leg. Grey is muscle. Lack of exercise leads to loss of bone density and muscle replaced by fat.

Take an especially close look at the bone in the second pair of images. Imagine what is going on with bone density in the hips of ‘bachelorette number two.” He won’t be bouncing anywhere, except into the emergency ward.

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