For all their fancy advertisements, no-one can tell you how to fix your plantar fasciitis, including us!

fitolddog's plantar fasciitis map

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FitOldDog's data on cortisone heel shots.

Think before you rush to your doctor for this treatment, which I wouldn’t have for all the tea in China – too dangerous!! Data generated by FitOldDog using Facebook post boosting!

No one can tell you the fastest way to get to work in a big city, unless they know where you live and have detailed understanding of the key traffic patterns. Even then, they can only tell you what might work, or what has worked for them or a friend. Just like finding your way out of the plantar fasciitis treatment maze. No one an tell you how to fix your foot pain, without knowing your story, and even then they can only help guide you through the trial and error process. 

A roadmap would certainly help, which is what we are currently creating for our new book that is to some extent is based on our ongoing research – don’t forget to sign up for our Plantar Fasciitis Research Newsletter.

We’ve learned a great deal during our research on plantar fasciitis, my focus for 2015 – you have to focus to get anything done.

Time to birth this baby!

Time to birth this baby!

I’ll continue blogging, but at least for a while, you’ll notice a general plantar fasciitis focus. Sometimes, I can’t wait to put my random ideas here, though I generally have no idea who reads my stuff. At other times, I wonder why I write it. Then I’m reminded that I’m ‘Athlete with Stent,’ though most days I forget I have Rupert keeping me alive.

Why plantar fasciitis? Because I’m a researcher at heart, and no one, absolutely no one, has a handle on this condition, which is (a) not primarily inflammatory, (b) not a single condition, (c) not necessarily easily fixed, for all the wonderful claims you can read online, and most important of all, (d) it’s very interesting. Just go to the plantar fasciitis Facebook pages, of which there are several, and read the litany of people’s struggles with this condition(s).

OK! Let’s get this book out, for heaven’s sake. As Tim Ferriss says, in the 4HWW, “Any task will expand to fill the space you give it!

What do we really need now?

MORE DATA!!!!!!!! Please send us your plantar fasciitis stories.

Happy 2015, enjoy.

Don’t waste it! It probably won’t be back. 

 Happy trails!



  1. have no plantar fasciitis only garden variety old age aches, some related to skiing injuries of the rotator cuff and the knee. In addition, when I was about 60 years old I started to feel the pain of osteoporosis. I cured myself with healthy doses o calcium, magnesium, sunshine and chondroitin sulfate plus hyaluronic acid (recommended by the veterinarians) and visits to the local gym for some weight-bearing exercises. Now at the age of 85 I feel fine – nothing hurts that a simple stretch will not take care of. Plantar fasciitis probably fits in my category of aches and pains because it affects soft tissues associated with the joints. My regime addresses some of the issues associated with the same tissues. On the other hand, my Young Dog Phoebe, a lively brindle Boxer, who is only three years old, has a hip dysplasia and limps on her left hind leg after a series of nutty laps or a romp with Lady Dog (my older Great Pyrenees) but refuses to take my remedies, so she is on Novox (a kind of aspirin for dogs) and not getting any better. She does not need any surgery, yet, but i am looking for help. If anyone has an idea what to do please let me know.


    • Hi Grazyna, how nice to hear from you.
      Sorry such a young dog has HD, what a bummer. I found an article on the web that talks sense about weight control and exercise, and so on, which you probably know already. Here’s the link, just in case it is helpful.
      I hope you are doing well otherwise, it sounds like it.
      How the years go by. I’m in my early 70s already, but still pretty active.
      Keep in touch, and let us know how Phoebe is doing.
      We love our dogs, so I know how you must struggle with this.
      Kindest Regards,

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