Fear Of Death Can Get You Killed On The Bike


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Fear can be debilitating both intellectually and physically. From: http://goo.gl/Z54sY

Fear can be debilitating both intellectually and physically.

When you undertake long steep hill descents on a racing bicycle, with tiny tires, always remember the golden rule of cycling that I learned at training camp, “Keep the rubber side down.” The problem is that fear of falling prevents the relaxation needed to perform optimally, to take turns smoothly, and accurately estimate the effects of poor road conditions as they come racing towards you. If relaxation is the key, then fear is your enemy on the bike. In fact, fear is your enemy in pretty well everything you do. It will get in your way during business ventures, lectures to large bodies of other people, while climbing mountains or asking out the girl of your dreams. We each seem to have different levels of fear, or fear for different things, be it public speaking or full contact fighting. The fear feels the same.

The only way that I know of when it comes to dealing with the limitations of fear is to find your comfort zone and gently push it back. This is a slow process, but it actually works, so be patient and your downhill cycling will be a blast instead of a state of rigid fear that will increase your risk of that which you are trying to avoid (rubber side up!).

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