Finally Back In Training: Took One Year To Negotiate FitOldDog’s Plantar Fasciitis Roadmap

FitOldDog's plantar fasciitis map.

FitOldDog’s plantar fasciitis roadmap, v1.

8k Run: Age Group 70 to 74. Position 5/10

Bib 1369/2206 Morgan, Kevin M71 Carrboro NC 5 of 10 13:01 01:04:42.87. Slow but Happy!

FitOldDog finishes 8k run

Finished at 13:01 pace, which was fine with me. I could run again, after a year of struggles, thanks to Tara and Perry North. Photo by kind passerby.

I finally negotiated FitOldDog’s plantar fasciitis roadmap, and running again, thanks to:

Massage therapist, Tara (sent me to Perry).

Osteopath Perry North

Coach Pauline – easy does it.

In August 2013, I had a bike wreck, which resulted in some interesting outcomes, including another aortic surgery, due to a displaced abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft. Unbeknownst to me, my pelvis was also displaced, which finally resulted in my second case of plantar fasciitis. Oh! Boy! Throughout 2014, I couldn’t run, which messed up all my Ironman training and races. Try as I might, as I attempted to run, my right calf would lock up, and my left leg would turn into a limp noodle. Then my massage therapist, Tara, said during a massage, Kevin, maybe something is misaligned. Why don’t you go see my Ostopath, Perry North, he’s great – fixed me up a couple of times?

So I did, and, as if by magic, Perry realigned my pelvis. After being unable to run without stopping every few hundred yards to stretch and shake out my legs, I ran a local 8k (5-mile) run, the Gallup & Gorge, without incident. Slow, but not surprising considering my enforced state of under-training.

Plantar fasciitis was one painful consequence of my displaced pelvis, but the day after the race, I made my early morning cup of tea in the absence of heel pain. What a treat! Fixed, finally, thank goodness.

UNC Physical Therapy booth

You meet great people at these races, including Brendan, Susan and Keith, in the UNC Physical Therapy booth. Boy, when you need physical therapy, you really do – sure fixed my shoulder. Photo with permission, by FitOldDog

This experience led to the crude roadmap at the top of the page, which I created today in order to hone my thinking. You can follow my two plantar fasciitis recovery journeys on the map using the sequence below (click image for enlarged view):

Journey #1 (resulted in our first eBook):

A, B, F, H, I, K, O, Q1,O,Q2,U,W4 (map needs editing here – all suggested changes appreciated), GG,HH (Fixed) – time elapsed, about 1 year; cost, about $1,500.

Journey #2 (much more difficult, but I’m back in training now)

A, B, GG, II, U, W4, R (permitted subsequent fix), GG, HH (Fixed) – time elapsed, about 3 months; cost, about $200.

It feels great to be back, being coached for my next marathon by a real runner, Pauline.

I am one lucky old guy.


  1. Rory Conolly says

    Nice plantar fasciitis model.

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