Why Does FitOldDog Have A Dance Teacher For Ironman Training When He Rarely Dances?


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Drawing of meerkats by Duncan Morgan for FitOldDog Learn from the Animals Video Series

Meerkats have great posture. Artwork by Duncan at High Street Design, Carrboro, NC USA (takethehighstreet.com)

The goal of our program of safe exercise for better health, which is designed to stave off the ravages of aging, is to learn from the wisdom of other people, much of which they gained by trying new things or learning from their mistakes, and adapting their lives accordingly. I’ve sure made plenty of errors in my life, most of which turned out to be valuable lessons in retrospect; not that it felt like that at the time.

Our approach to the issue of learning and improving:

(1) Train, (2) find great coaches, (3) think, (4) read and publish book reviews, (5) meditate, (6) write, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, (7) experiment.

Our approach to the dissemination of what we learn:

(1) Write and publish, (2) organize workshops, (3) produce video products, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, (4) talk to people about their issues.

Here is a short video explaining why, as an aging Ironman triathlete, I am working with my Continuum and Dance Teacher, Rebecca, to produce a series of Body Awareness Video products.

The first video, Posture, is available for purchase in the FitOldDog Video Store, and the remaining seven or eight will be added as fast as we can edit the footage.

All input on our approach to improving people’s lives, especially with regards to body movement, would be much appreciated.

-k @FitOldDog


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