FitOldDog Discovers The Difference Between Marketing And Sales As He Works To Find His Target Customers For A Great Aortic Surgery Recovery Guide

Hi folks,

Johnny's Gone Fishing works on marketing and sales, FitOldDog's other business interest.

Johnny’s Gone Fishing works on marketing and sales, FitOldDog’s other business interest.

This blog has been a real boon to me, as it has brought me closer to my family of origin. For instance, my ‘Bro’ Trevor, was always a mystery to me, but now I understand that he sees the World in a different way. I live my life, largely, via logic circuits, whilst Trevor seems to understand how people feel. I have had a number of uncomplimentary names in my life, one of which was Genghis Khan, and I think that I now understand why. I was analyzing the situation without thought to other people’s feelings. But I didn’t understand that feelings had relevance to the debate. I was wrong. Knowledge is contextual, and one of the contexts is emotion.

Now logical FitOldDog is receiving marketing and sales advice from his ‘Bro,’ and it is just starting to make sense, which is why I spent several hours working on my business landing page, where I am struggling to sell my Surgery Recovery Guide.

Thanks, Trevor, I appreciate your input. Please be patient with dumb scientists, we really do try to understand how you feel, once we get around to working out what feeling are!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. You MAY be able to understand how people feel, but without having empathy or compassion, or caring about people. It’s a sort of “logical” way of “understanding” feeling. I’m not convinced one can know how other people feel; you can only guess. Genghis Khan is putting it a bit strong, but I can think of a few instances of insensitivity of your part, Kevin.

  2. Hi Marian, I wrote a blog post on this,, and I suspect that we are constantly improving our awareness of things around us if we are growing. Unawareness can be interpreted as ‘insensitivity,’ but the latter has a perjorative tone that may not be deserved. Should you blame a blind person for not seeing something. Interesting issue. Tea!!! -k

  3. “Insensitive” is less pejorative than “Genghis Khan”!

  4. Not if you are in the impaler olympics! Joking apart, it is not necessary to be negative, as understanding leading to empathy if a far better solution. All of these things provide great food for thought and learning, in my opinion. There are many things I did in the past that I regret, but they were done by the Kevin of the past, and I cannot go back and fix the past anymore than anyone else can, but I can learn from my mistakes and try to do a better job today. Empathy is better than judgement, I suspect. -kevin

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