FitOldDog Has A Slot In The New York City Marathon Thanks To Heartosaurus And He Has Agreed To Raise Money For The American Heart Foundation – Help!


Hi folks,

Team Heartosaurus, fundraising, open heart surgery,

Heartosaurus kindly handed FitOldDog a NYC Marathon slot in exchange for fundraising for The American Heart Association.

Thanks to the great and wonderful ascending aortic aneurysm survivor and author (‘Barefoot in November‘ – inspiring story about his survival), Benjamin Carey, FitOldDog has a slot in the New York City Marathon in November. In return for the chance to meet a whole group of aortic aneurysm survivors, I have agreed to raise money for The American Heart Association. Contributions from any kind souls out there would be just great. Click here for the link to my fundraising site.

This great cause will help to raise awareness of the dangers of aortic aneurysms, and may therefore save your life one day. In fact, if you are ‘getting older,’ you might want to consider having the simple AAA screening test, rather than playing aortic roulette.

I’m pretty excited about meeting my fellow aortic aneurysm survivors in New York, including Benjamin of Heartosaurus and Pauline of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) awareness Facebook page, as we’ve been talking on the Internet for quite a while. It really helps to know people who understand how you feel when life’s challenges come along.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. The shoe repair shop was open and the first person entered that day. She asked if he knew where the fishmonger’s shop was.
    His reply?
    “Oh, I can help you I do soles and ‘eals!”

    Think you meal “Souls”

    • I do kind of like the thought of kind soles, come to think about it. What about a small donation? -kevin

      • I contribute to Red Cross, Woodland Trust, Great Ormond Street, And some of the tin shakers locally as well as Vets charities.
        What sort of sum? What does the charity do? Is there a web site? It would have to be plastic at this distance. Oh, and just one small niggling pernickety point, I am not stinking rich.

        • Hi Trevor, well, anything helps, and there is no obligation. One person has agreed to give me 10 cents/mile, making $2.62, which would make me just as happy as $1000. It is the thought that counts. I’ll build it one brick (cent) at a time. I like your invited post, by the way, as it adds a bit of culture to my wandering exercisemania-induced rhetoric. Thanks!

          • Okay, 1.33 x UK£0.31412 per Km for K.M. in US$ s, you figure it out and how I can get the money to you. Credit card perhaps.

  2. He was thinking about shoes and running at the time, obviously.

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