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Hi folks,

When this post is published, I’ll be on my way to Australia for the first time. When I think of Australia as an Englishman it brings to mind the deportation of convicts under a cruel and repressive regime, known at the time as the British Empire. Some would say strong rather than cruel, but I’ve heard too many stories about the hard-nosed approach of the English aristocracy and government to those that they govern, even though the English always admire and fight for the underdog. Life is full of paradox, and I am sure that these thoughts will raise some ire, but I have a certain sympathy for the writings of Noam Chomsky on the history of the East India Company.

As far as I can tell, all economically successful countries have nefarious histories, and hopefully this will change one day. Now, as an American, I think of Australians as being energetic, a little eccentric, great athletes, friendly, and generally worth getting to know, to the point that I have been living with one for nearly five years. I also think of Mr. Smooth and the name Bruce.

So, here I am, on the long trip to The Antipodes, where I plan to swim and run, and take a break from the bike. It pays to take a break from time to time. Furthermore, I’ll meet Deb’s parents and find out if they approve of this eccentric Englishman/American.

Wish me luck!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. In defence of the British Empire, for I am proud to be English:-
    1. Convicts sentenced to death could also see the execution of their sentence or face transportation for life. This was first to the American Colonies and then to Australia. In Australia they were Prisoners of Mother England (POME).
    2. The Empire from 1806 took the moral stand that slavery was wrong and fought a 60 year campaign against this foul trade. They were the first empire in history so to do. Meanwhile in the land of the free slavery flourished and was only ended by a bloody civil war.
    3. After WWII Britain voluntarily dismantled the imperium. Previous empires fought longh wars during decline this was also somewhat different from the norm.
    Today we are living through the decline of the American Empire. America is the empire of multi national corporations not of flags fluttering over territories but an empire none the less with the UK as a partial vassel state.
    4. With 100 000 dead in Iraq this empire of the corporations may not be a force for good in the world.

    Finally, when it comes to judgement I am mindful of Zhou Enlai who when asked of the main outcomes of the French Revolution said “It’s too early to tell”! So it is too early to judge as well.

    From this side of the Atlantic from this country the world looks different.

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