Human Interactions Provide The Fondest Race-Day And Life-Time Memories


Hi folks,

Bringing our coffee shop back to life.

Rock (patron) and Dave (barista) bringing our coffee shop back to life, and making new friends at Johnny's Gone Fishing.

Been busy today working to bring back a local coffee shop, hangout, and important pre and post-ride location for drinks, snacks and friendly chatter, Johnny’s Gone Fishing. Here are a couple of photos from today’s efforts, where we provided complementary bagels and coffee to our supporters and future customers, with promising and enjoyable results. As a research scientist and endurance athlete I think that I have tended to be a bit too focused or goal driven during my life (a friend, Arden James, called me monomaniacal, and he was right). Through this local business venture, I am now discovering the joys of more relaxed social activities, with the potential to contribute to the local community. A happy life is a balanced life! Learning new things from other people every day keeps your mind young and flexible, whilst complementing the frequent isolation of endurance training.

social networking to get Johnny's Gone Fishing up and running

Complementary coffee and bagels, plus a warm fire, to thank local patrons and supporters of Johnny's Gone Fishing. Wonderful neighbors, great location, and it's going to be a thriving business and community center again soon.

As an athlete, social networking is a valuable skill if you want to learn from your peers, encourage others, find a good coach, or just enjoy the inter-personal aspects of Ironman races. In my experience, it has been interactions with other people, more than my performance, that have generated long-lasting and fond race-day memories.

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. You sure know how to live life!
    I read a book recently that inspired me, and I thought of you a lot while reading it.

  2. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

  3. Hi Benjamin,

    I’ll see if I can download it to my Nook. OOOOPS! I was supposed to be in bed, but then I noticed you following me on Digg, and that took me here.


    -k @FitOldDog aka Brave Sir Kevin

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