Why Do I Pursue Plantar Fasciitis Research, When No One Is Listening?

I Pursue Plantar Fasciitis Research Because I’m A Researcher At Heart

plantar fasciitis research

Give us a break – cortisone injections. Platelet injections. Blood injections. Hey! Doc! Why not use bloodletting? Plantar fasciitis research requires thought and a changed mindset – not easy for the Medical Leviathan. You have to understand, I’m a veterinarian, and we have attitude to MDs.

I study the art and science of plantar fasciitis research because I fell in love with Biology at a young age.

BloodlettingPlantar fasciitis research?

Come on guys/gals, you know that all of these treatments have a common cause. It’s the way Occam’s razor works. It’s time for a new approach to plantar fasciitis research.

Snake Oil: That’s what most plantar fasciitis treatments really are. People are making lots of money, while not having any idea why their gizmo works, when it does, which is rarely.

I’m sure snake oil worked, or seemed to work, sometimes.

Hey! Doc! Why not try bloodletting?

Sometimes, I want to just forget the whole thing, because no one is listening. Just look at that graph, based on our simple exploration of reports on Facebook.

There is plenty of evidence that plantar fasciitis is a nociceptive condition.

At least finance some research, based on the idea. I thought, at first, it was an issue with fascia. Now I realize that I was off base. I guess it was the effective use of rollers, fixing my first bout of plantar fasciitis, that led me down that garden path. As a researcher, I sure went up some blind alleys, but that’s the nature of research.

PLEASE help me to stop the nonsense of heel injections, for heavens sake.

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails,


I wish I could make a movie about plantar fasciitis.

Like we did to explain mucociliary function in the nose.

We made this with old technology, about 35 years ago.


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