FitOldDog Recommends That You Fit A Brake Lever To Your Triathlon Bike Aero Bars For Safety’s Sake

Front brake lever on FitOldDog's Guru Tri Bike

I asked my bike guy, Victor, of Bicycle Lab, if I could have a brake lever on my Guru, tri-bike, aero bars, and he said sure. Front brake of course.

Hi folks, welcome!

Obstacles, such as deer, can turn up in front of your bike at any time, which is why I asked Victor to fit a brake lever on my aero bars.

Pretty dried grasses on local trail.

I do like grasses for some reason – we’d have a hard time without them. Photo by FitOldDog.

When you’re resting your weight on your aeros, it takes a finite amount of time to unweight one arm and grab that brake lever. You might not have that time, so why take the chance? I wouldn’t ride without it – have bike questions? – go to Victor I say.

I’m still getting over another obstacle, the flu from hell, as my upper airways (including my trachea and larynx), clear away the debris, work to repair the damage done to my mucociliary escalator, and return to business as usual, all the while fending off incoming airborne debris and infectious organisms. It’s like fixing the roads without stopping the traffic.

Amazing thing, the human body, and come to think of it, maybe you’d like to see my Mucociliary Apparatus movie again (old as the hills, but still informative).

Happy trails! Cough cough!

-k @FitOldDog


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