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Hi folks,

Ironman tee shirt,

Paul, great guy, wearing a tee-shirt given to him as a gift by his kids, and needless to say, Paul said, “I’ll never do an Ironman!” He doesn’t know what he is missing. All that fun!

The real joy of endurance sports is the food. You can eat pretty well whatever you like much of the time, but what you tend to like is healthy food. I love to cook out of the back of my truck, buying food at farm stalls along the way. People who don’t train regularly have no idea how great the food tastes after a hard workout. Of course, you have to use some restraint at certain times, one of which is the few days preceding critical races, such as this 2012 Lake Placid Ironman that is coming my way. Careful carbo-loading combined with lighter types of food that aren’t too heavy on the stomach work well for me. For instance, the meal this evening, cooked out in the cool evening air of Lake Placid, consists of pasta with a largely home (truck) made pasta sauce, comprised of:

    1. Spagetti Meal, Ironman, cooking on the road,

      Nothing like home cooked food out of the back of my trusty old Chevy Tahoe truck with my trusty (44-yr old) Coleman stove. The trick with the stove is to never clean it!

      One jar Paul Newman’s pasta sauce

    2. Two sautéed onions, with a little soy sauce, partially caramelized.
    3. One orange pepper.
    4. Six small mushrooms.
    5. One tomato (Oh! Yes! All the vegetables were from a local farm).
    6. Half-pound ground beef.

    This mix was simmered for a while with garlic powder, to taste (Couldn’t find my fresh garlic, which turned up later, but no matter). 

    OK! Time to eat.

    Pre-race pasta dinner, cooking out of your truck, cooking on the road, fresh produce,

    Amazing what you can cook out of the back of your truck with a Coleman stove, some good ingredients, and a love of good food.

    Now this is all part of my safe exercise for better health program for those recovering from aortic aneurysm surgery, or anyone else for that matter.


    -k @FitOldDog



  1. I’ll have to try that recipe sometime.

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