FitOldDog’s Guide To Curing Runner’s Plantar Fasciitis As Video With Explanatory Manual


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If you’ve ever had plantar fasciitis you’ll remember the misery it caused. I remember how it prevented me from running for months, trying all of the usual approaches advertised on the Internet and in running stores, including rest and ice and boots and socks that pull on your toes and orthotics, to no avail. However, as I studied the process of safe exercise for better health, listened to my training advisors, especially my dance and Continuum Instructor, Rebecca, and my athlete son, Nicholas, I finally got into the application of rollers. This is really self-applied myofascial massage.

You can read all about the process that fixed my heel pain, and got me back on the trails and into my Ironman training again, in our plantar fasciitis cure guide. The e-Book and instructional videos associated with the guide, via promo code in book are available for a reasonable fee ($1). Click this link or go to the FitOldDog Products tab of this blog.

All comments on the e-Book and videos would be very much appreciated.

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