FitOldDog’s Paleo Tailgate Cooking Video #1: Salmon And Spinach

Hi folks! Food! Yummy! Paleo food! Yummier!

Alpenhaus Motel Queensbury NY USA

The Alpenhaus Motel comes with great memories of Switzerland for FitOldDog, with carved figures and rocks on the roof. Highly recommended as a stopover on the way to the Lake Placid Ironman. Next stop today – Lake Placid.

After you’ve trained for months for an Ironman race, or some other endurance sport, do you really want to trust someone else’s cooking? FitOldDog sure doesn’t, he cooks Paleo Delights out of the back of his Chevy Truck. What could be better?

Here I am at the Alpenhaus Motel in Queensbury NY USA, and I thought, “Maybe it’s time to give my readers a Paleo Tailgate Cooking Demonstration. So I have, in the video above. Shot it on my iPhone, edited in iMovie, and converted for all sorts of media machines from computers to iPhones by my Viddler Video Streaming Service. What a strange new world this is!

Dark chocolate is Paleo

A Paleo Diet includes a small amount of dark chocolate for dessert, if you so desire.

I love to cook and the Paleo Diet is really working wonders for my health, weight and training, not to mention not having to force down all those Power Bars on the bike.

I made this short ‘FitOldDog On The Road Cooking Movie’ for fun.

Apropos this issue, I’ve had a couple of bad pre-race pasta dinners, too; one made me a little ill with a stomach upset and the other was based on pasta shells that I hate the feel of in my mouth.

Furthermore, pasta isn’t Paleo!

Sorry I cannot include gustatory and olfactory streaming in addition to the video.

Yep! Swimming in butter (if you’re dairy adapted!) – you can’t complete an Ironman without energy, and what better source than fat?

Low fat, schmofat!

-k @FitOldDog


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