Food Tastes So Much Better On A Whole Plant Diet: FitOldDog Is Amazed!

FitOldDog's home-grown vegetables.

Recent crop from our garden. Yummy!

It’s a funny thing, but what they said about food tasting better on a whole plant diet, turns out to be correct.

I’ve been doing this for about 2 months, much of my food coming from the vegetable garden. Gets easier and easier, even when I cook meat for family and friends, I have no desire to eat what I’ve cooked (we can’t go forcing things on people, it doesn’t work, but they watch me eating, and wonder, I can tell!)

I never dreamed of giving up fried chicken or steak pies or pork sausages or cheese or eggs, but it’s seems that I have – wonder if it will last? This comes as a result of lots of persuading from followers on Facebook, and the activity of some young friends, who are already vegetarian or Vegan, in addition to recent work on the reduction of animal testing. Then I watched a number of relevant movies, read the book about Forks Over Knives, and gave it a try.

FitOldDog's home-grown tomatoesFood that would have tasted bland before, such as beans and rice, are rich and yummy, now.

Is my training going down hill? Nope! Seems to be fine. I wonder about losing the benefits of the Paleo Diet, which included cleaner teeth and less arthritis. Guess I’ll watch and see what happens.

Life is an adventure, and experimentation is part of that.

The video, above, seems to sum it up, profanity included – well, he is Australian, so what do you expect?

On we go! Time to buy a suitable cookbook!


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