Foot Pain Reflexology, Or Foot Phrenology (I Prefer The Sound Of That!)

foot pain reflexology; pain on the bike

foot pain reflexology: plantar fasciitis reflexology

Remote sensation mapping, using FitOldDog’s neurostimulator and lots of quiet and listening.

Foot pain reflexology (using a coat-hanger) taught me a lot about dealing with (fixing) foot pain of weird origins.

During a 1.5 hour CompuTrainer (bike) ride this morning, following a tough weight workout (legs and hips), I had a superficial, burning pain in the distal (near my toes) end of area 4 on the map, above. That would be area 7, in my ‘neurostimulator reflexology’ map.

So! What’s to do?

  • Rush to the doctor for a cortisone injection?  Nope!
  • Pay a bunch of money to a Podiatrist or Sports Medicine Physician? Nope!
  • Acupuncture? Taping? Shoe inserts? Orthotics? Prayer? Nope!

Push my pelvis gently into the region of my right hip rotators and gluts (butt muscles), to stretch them a little.

The pain faded away in less than a minute!

Thank goodness for foot pain reflexology!


foot pain reflexology

Guru on the CompuTrainer kicks my butt.


  1. More hip stretching and tennis ball work AND,
  2. Strengthening – BOTH sides.

Hell! I was holding 230 watts, when it happened, and I’m almost geriatric.

What does one expect?

I love learning this stuff, and it’s FREE once you know how to do it.

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails,



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