For Triathletes Fast Is Good But Fast Is Also Dangerous


Hi folks,

I just came from a great swim workout, where it was clear that my pace is picking up (thanks to Rick) giving me a sense of increasing efficiency and a better grip on the water. However, one false step and I’ll strain a rotator cuff or something. In the pool this is only a minor risk, but on the run it is a major one. As you run faster your efficiency will improve, but if by chance you do injure yourself it can be a doozy.

Here is a synopsis of my thoughts on speed work for swim, bike, run, based upon experience and many self-induced injuries over the years (not recently!):

  1. Swim: it’s safe to do speed work near the end of your workout, but don’t let your technique become sloppy.
  2. Bike: speed work is fine whenever, but if you’re tired remember that lack of focus can get you killed, so beware.
  3. Run: speed is great, and addictive, and when the ‘running endorphins’ are high and you feel invincible, STOP and go home.

Speed in the transition will slow you down, just practice your routine and stick to it calmly and methodically.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Workout PLAN Coach: Chris Hauth
Distance: 3500.0 yd
Duration: 01:00:00
easy swim – 3-4×400’s, or even 3-4×500’s with extra rest Long, steady swimming, nothing on speed work or too focused


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