Four Minutes Of Nostalgia – Watching That Four Minute Mile

Hi folks!

I find that watching video clips really helps me to work on certain aspect of my technique, so here is a good one I have seen a number of times. The ‘official’ breaking of the four-minute mile by Roger Bannister.

I was a water polo player in Bristol, England, when this occurred so I had no idea of its significance for runners. Guess I do now!

Here is the pool that was so important to me at that time.

Bristol North Swimming Pool, which played a big role in my formative teenage years. From:

Seems so long ago, but I can remember the steak and kidney pies after the game as if it was yesterday! Food!

Steak and kidney pie. Brings back so many memories! From:

Such is the role of olfaction and gustation in memory and emotion. In fact, it is more than this as it includes oral tactile sensation, vision, and the comparative sense of the steak and kidney pies that have gone before. Not just a pie, my friends.

Well-done Roger!

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. Well done Roger!
    No need for hyphen.

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