Are Fusion Sports Such As Ironman As Good As The Real Thing?


Is Asian Fusion as good as Asian when it comes to food?

I tried it, and the Asian food is much better than the Asian Fusion, but is this representative of a ‘fusion’ process?

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Feeding the birds with the remains of a sausage biscuit near the Christmas trees at Johnny's in Carrboro.

Every picture tells a story, but it is usually hard to work out – what about this one, and what has it got to do with Ironman training? It is a fusion of my sport and business.

If you want to excel at Ironman racing, I recommend that you try to swim with the best swimmers (they’ll leave you behind), bike with the best bikers (they’ll leave you behind), and run with the best runners (they’ll leave you behind), and then invite them to one of your races (you’ll leave them behind). The real joy of Ironman is putting it all together, and when it comes together, gear, hydration, nutrition, pacing, and all, it feels great.

Furthermore, triathlon training comes with less risk of repetitive motion injury if you follow your program of safe exercise for better health as you should – wise fun!

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  1. Sounds like good advice. Dont forget good sleep as well though

  2. Yep! You’re right about that one. And if you’re not sleeping well, you may be overtraining. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. -kevin

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