Give Elastic Laces A Real Try Plus Kids Provide A New Perspective On The Use Of Yoga Toes


Chez Ollie Yoga Toes clearly speak to kids, and maybe it is because they seem so edible (like gummy bears), but why they had to be placed on our rubber duck in just this arrangement I never could determine – they seemed really sure about it, adjusting them meticulously as they played for hours with this long board/basket of stuff/rubber duck/Yoga Toe vehicle.

Hi folks,

Kids really are interesting, especially with respect to how they use their imaginations to create whole worlds in their heads (and chaos around them). If you stay young at heart you can do this too, but it is not so easy when you are worrying about paying the mortgage, feeding the children, or just getting some sleep, for heaven’s sake. Fortunately, my running shoes were not available to be hijacked into this game, as they were on my feet.

I would like to make a brief comment concerning my running shoes (which I wear all the time, when not in flip flops), about which I wrote at length in a previous post on ‘Running Shoe Secrets for Happy Feet.’ I made the following comment on elastic laces:

FitOldDog says give elastic laces a real try.

Elastic laces work really well, but you have to carefully adjust them for a few weeks of use, then they stay in place for ages.

“Elastic laces – when you have a stone in your shoe, off they come in a trice, stone gone, and on you go. Furthermore, I find that elastic laces are more comfortable than standard laces, probably because of the elasticity, but YOU MUST FIT THEM CAREFULLY, which takes time at first and may need the odd adjustment for a few weeks.”

Since then several people have informed that they tried elastic laces and didn’t like them. I wondered if they tried hard enough? Interestingly, I just purchased a new pair of running shoes, and of course I included elastic laces, which reminded me of the time it takes to get them adjusted ‘just so.’ I wish to encourage people to be patient with the settling in period. For the best performance, elastic laces require quite a bit of attention initially. This settling in period can take a month or more, but once achieved you can forget them entirely, and reap the benefits of ready stone removal and general shoe comfort that they provide.

So, as you undertake a program of safe exercise for better health that involves running, consider getting to know your elastic laces with patience and understanding. They’ll be your friends for ages – and YES! I do run in the same shoes for years, if they don’t fall apart first. I just change out the arch supports as they go flat, from time to time, but I’ve never needed to change the laces.

If those wonderful kids of Meg and Rick (my swim coach) had got to my shoes, I’m sure my laces would never have been the same again!

-k @FitOldDog


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