Goal Setting For Each Workout And Thoughts About PowerCrank Training For Running And Cycling


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FitOldDog's Trainer bike with CompuTrainer and PowerCranks

FitOldDog’s Trainer bike with Computrainer and PowerCranks, and great bike fit by Victor.

Sometimes I forget to listen to my own advice – do you ever do that? I was recently climbing on my trainer bike, to do a pre-run PowerCrank workout, when it occurred to me that I was just going through the motions. I would have ridden for 30 minutes at 140 watts, climbed off all sweaty and ready for my run, but would that have been the best training routine? So I stopped and thought for a few minutes, which is often the most effective part of any workout (as long as you let your coach know what is going on in your head).

Here is what I thought:

Kevin: “What is are the most important aspects of PowerCrank use for the bike?

Power Cranks are a great training tool, especially for running.

Power Cranks installed on my trainer bike with Speed Play pedals. Power Cranks are tougher to use than you might think, but they sure improve your run.

Kevin: “To gain strength, a better spin quality, and improved neuromuscular coordination.

Kevin: “And for the run?

Kevin: “Stronger hip flexors and improved biomechanics.

Kevin: “So?

Conclusion: I broke my 30 minute ride into 20 minutes of high cadence (90-100 rpm) and low wattage (100 watts), which is extremely challenging on PowerCranks (just you give it a try) for cruising at speed on the flat (run or bike), followed by 10 minutes of low cadence (55-60 rpm) at higher wattage (160 watts – my target average for Ironman bike leg, but PowerCranks are harder than regular cranks – try it for yourself, it’s fun and painful) for hill climbing (bike and a bit for the run).

Then I went for a great 6-mile road run, and all was well. This is what safe exercise for better health, and hopefully better Ironman performance, is all about – think before you act, and don’t just go through the motions.

I wonder if I’ll ever make it to Hawaii? Sure I will!

-k @FitOldDog


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