You’ll Have Good Days And Bad Days So Don’t Be Discouraged By The Bad Days Learn From Them


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FitOldDog's new dog, Willbe, in the truck.

Willbe, 8 months old and enjoying destroying my truck from the inside. Has removed sun visor, cup holder, parts of lining, door padding, window seal. Thanks Willbe! I put him in a solid crate, but he broke the steel window and escaped back into the truck in his attempts to return to FitOldDog. Hates being alone for a minute. So very much a dog. He’s great!

When it comes to any task that takes time and is worth doing, like writing a book, carrying out research, raising kids, living with the girl of your dreams, handling the destructive urges of an 8 month old Labrador, or training for an Ironman, you’ll have good days and bad days. Don’t let the less successful days throw you off track. For instance, I achieved a personal best in the pool the other day, completing 1,600 yards of continuous 200s and 100s, going off the wall on the 1:35/100. My best ever. I was psyched. Two days later I could barely hold 1:40 x 100 yards, and two days later again, I felt like the water was as thick as molasses. Then I went directly to the track and my running was off. When I came home, Deb said, “You OK? You look tired.” That was it, and I had no idea. I was exhausted, thus risking overtraining injuryThis called for a day or two of rest, not abandonment of my Kona dreams.

Just roll with the punches and don’t give up, and you’ll achieve your dreams.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Yep…well I bonked running back from the pool. Longest run was about 10 mins…lots of walking with 1, 3, 4 min runs in between. Took today off…

  2. So, contrary to popular belief, you are human after all. And I thought that you were a physical robot based on our time in the pool. It’s all part of the journey, Rick. Thanks for great coaching, and hoping we’ll do an Ironman together one day. Kevin

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