Happy New Year From FitOldDog


Hi folks,

Quite a year, 2011, and better to come (sub-13 in LPIM?). Just writing to wish y’all the best in 2012. Got to go, my friends want me back in the party.

-k @FitOldDog

PS Yep! PowerCranks and a trail run today. You?



  1. sub-13 in LPIM?

  2. Lake Placid Ironman
    Under 13 hours.
    Seems too ambitious a target.

  3. To 13.34 add two years of ageing plus repaired pipework. Targets are good over ambitious targets seekm to go against your own advice to others given here in the past…

  4. Hi Trevor,

    I suspect that this goal is not over ambitious, just ambitious, but as I know, only too well, with Ironman races the race will deal out what it deals out on the day, whatever you would like the outcome to be. I think I’ll write a post on this, as you make a good point, and valid if one is attached to the proposed outcome. Nothing wrong with having goals to pull you along in your training, as long as you have a good coach to protect you from yourself, but goal fixation will lead to your being sidelined by injury. I have to put myself in the mind of my different readers a little more.

    Thanks for the comment.


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