Herbs And Spices For Animal Rights

Do vegans live on salads?

Is vegetarian and vegan food really tasteless and boring?

Comments on broccoli for animal rights!

RE: Vegans For Animal Rights: Just read and learn – Julian and Bruce are highly intelligent, educated people. They think a plant-based diet has to be tasteless – they’re wrong. Marsha is also highly intelligent AND she has a clue! From FitOldDog’s Facebook Comment Stream.

“Even highly intelligent people are programmed by their environment and upbringing, and the food industry.” FitOldDog

Herb yams for animal rights

Herb yams (sweet potatoes), by FitOldDog. Quick, easy, cheap, tasty, nutritious, to save the animals. Deb didn’t leave me any – they’re gone! Happy Chef!

I’ve saved over 600 animals from abuse, since going 99% vegan, 7 months go. Only 99%? I still eat Honey Stingers on long bike rides. I don’t buy the logic of the honey vegan thing (yet!).

If you go vegan, get ready for weird and sometimes irritating conversations. Not that anyone, but you, can irritate you (that’s another story).

  • Where do you get your protein?
  • It’s too expensive!
  • Fast food is the only thing available, in my lunch break.
  • I don’t like vegetables, they taste bad!
  • Give up grilling out, are you crazy?
  • I need meat for protein, I lift weights!
  • My friends will think I’m weird!
  • Blah! Blah! Blah!

Herbs in FitOldDog's vegetable garden for animal rights.Just do a vegan experiment, for one week. Try different foods. Test herbs and spices. I did both. I don’t regret it one little bit. My life is EVEN better now.

If going vegan isn’t the best thing for you, which it might not be, read ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma.’ Just make little changes in your life to eat less factory farmed foods (do you need the hormones and antibiotics and animal abuse in your system? Eat well for animal rights and your health and the planet).

Become a locavore. Eat essentially the same food, but better quality. Just buy local produce whenever you can. Get to know your local farmers – they can be great to know.

Dried herbs at Weaver Street Market for animal rights.

Dried herbs for animal rights, from Weaver Street Market. Photo by FitOldDog.

Have a Meatless Monday to save the animals. Every bit counts.

Learn how to use herbs and spices in your food. It’s easier than you might think. Test and taste. Use fresh or home grown! It’s not rocket science!

Vignette: A friend of mine suggested that I write a vegan cookbook. I mentioned it to Deb, who is encouraging my veganism for animal rights (and prostate health). Deb immediately replied, while reaching into the toaster oven (again), “You can’t write a cookbook, you’re not a chef, these baked potatoes are great. How do you do that?” I smiled and moved on.

Instead of writing a vegan cookbook, I decided to add a simple, tasty, cheap vegan recipe, to each chapter of my upcoming book:

Veterinary Stories To Save The Animals:

You Don’t Have To Be A Vegan, Animal Rights Activist, To Make A Difference.

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Will be in online stores soon.

Bon appétit, my brilliant friends!


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