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Cooking collards as part of a delicious FitOldDog meal.

I’m fortunate, in that I like to eat and I very much enjoy cooking. One of my favorite things to do is nibble on my culinary delights as I go along, but for some reason I don’t like other people picking at a meal that I am in the process of preparing. Guess I have a little emotional growth to do on that front. We are lucky in that there is a regular farmer’s market across the road, and down the road and up the road. So there are lots of choices around here. My favorite source of fresh farm produce, including eggs, cheese, and poultry, is Small Potatoes Farm.

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Johnny's Gone Fishing is working to reopen, having been missed sorely by the neighborhood.


This farm is owned and run by Simon and Natasha, and they have an active stall on Tuesdays and Saturdays at Johnny’s Gone Fishing, in Carrboro, NC, just across the road from my little blue house. With some fresh herbs, potatoes, spices, giant garlic (see picture above), vegetable stock, and peas, what a treat, with or without meat.



A balanced diet is certainly an important component of any exercise philosophy. Furthermore, don’t forget to let your body tell you what it needs. Just listen to those quiet messages from ‘down there.’ Heightened body awareness is better than any doctor, nutritionist, coach, or your mother for that matter.

Eat up athletes!

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  1. As the previous owner put a conservatory and greenhouse on the back of this house I get tomatoes for 5 months of the year.
    Tried growing potatoes in containers this year. I got better yields than in the ground. Using the unheated greenhouse in Somerset I should be able to grow containers for 9 months of the year. This means I may not need to buy any. It does not take much ground to produce quite a lot of basics. They are fresher so tastier. Fresh cut herbs are also much better than shop bought dried product.

    • Hi Trevor,
      Agreed. I had a great vegetable garden in Scotland, which provided food the year round. Here I have tried the same, it is just different, with a lot more pests, but it can be done without pesticides. Sometimes I would bring in a wheelbarrow full to the top with corn, tomatoes, squash, peppers, and the like that would lead to a canning frenzy. Too busy right now, but I plan to put in a fence to keep out the deer (they ate everything last year, and I live in town). My favorite is a winter garden combined with bottled tomatoes to remind you of summer.
      Nothing tastes quite like it.
      Yes! You can subsist completely in Wellington on a small plot of land.
      Have lots of fun. I combined it with homemade wine from vegetables and locally picked gorse flowers or rose hips. Lots of work so you don’t go crazy!
      Kind Regards,
      Kevin aka @FitOldDog

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