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One week ago, I told my movement and dance teacher (not that I like to dance, I just want to move freely into late old age – I’m a sprightly 71, right now), Rebecca, that I had managed to induce a  case of plantar fasciitis heel pain in my left foot, by changing my running shoes, only one month before my next Ironman race, and she said, “Great, we can demonstrate that our method really works.” I recently reported on this blog that my return to mild arch supports in those shoes seemed to have fixed my chronically tight right calf, which was preventing me from running.

FitOldDog's finish time for the Boston Marathon 2009

Still proud of qualifying for the Boston Marathon after fixing a persistent case of plantar fasciitis. Life is a trip, but you have to grab it by the balls!

The author completes Lake Placid Ironman 2011 with the aid of his Cook Zenith stent graft.

The author completes Lake Placid Ironman 2011 with the aid of his Cook Zenith stent graft. Only person in the world to complete an Ironman with an AAA stent graft. Click image for brief video of this finish.

This is a big deal for an Ironman-distance triathlete, and especially one who sells a plantar fasciitis treatment method e-book. The problem was that one morning, two days after I started using these arch supports again, only running a couple of miles a couple of times, I jumped out of bed to that stabbing heel pain of plantar fasciitis. In my left foot, if you’ll believe it, where it has never been a problem. Last time that happened, in my right foot, it took me almost a year to fix it, just in time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I had finally settled, with great success, on a TriggerPoint Performance roller, on the advice of my eldest son, Nick, a devotee of intermittent fasting. So, this time, I immediately started to apply our 5-step plantar fasciitis treatment method, which you can find at Today, about one week later, the morning heel pain is gone, while running only slightly aggravated the problem. I enjoyed the best run in months this morning (no tight right calf, no tight left heel).

The trick is to apply our method systematically, and remember the comment of one of the reviewers of our method, ‘Saunch09,’ on the Amazon Website: “I stopped thinking about it as a “foot” problem and started thinking about it as an issue with the muscles above and connecting to my foot. Whenever it rears its ugly head and I work on those muscles it is quickly nipped in the bud.” The only suggested change I would make to this kind comment is to substitute for ‘muscles’ the myo-neuro-fascial-system.


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