I Hope I Live To Sustain A Lot More Injuries, And Make A Couple More Enemies, At Least!

FitOldDog's injury map

Evel Knieval

Fascinating life this guy had, and how he got his name was interesting. Click image for the article.

If you haven’t sustained some injuries, or made a few enemies, you’ve never lived. If we learn from our injuries, I must be fairly wise, based on my map, above, though not as wise as Evel Knieval (yes, EVEL, never knew that), I’m sure. As I prepare, mainly mentally, for another trip around the sun, I, like my old Chevy truck (approaching 360,000 miles, and don’t tell me my old truck doesn’t, in her own way), reflect on the past. It was quite a life and quite year, with a couple more things added to my injury map. This simple diagram tells the story of a significant part of my life – my physical life. And it’s quite fascinating, to me at least. Let me tell you the story behind the image, clockwise, starting with my left foot, in truncated format:

Over the years, I’ve loved motorbikes, running, skiing, not being dead, eating good food, cycling, the unexpected benefits of an apparently negative event, overcoming physical challenges (though some I would not like to face), doing stuff in spite of my genetics and poor nutrition as a war baby (WWII), and solving the physical and mental puzzles of life –

Golden Flash

Boy, I loved that motorbike, which put me in the hospital, but I never regretted it – nothing like motorbikes. My next to last bike looked just like this one, but it was not the same after the bike wreck, and nor was I – just read this story about my knee; that wreck came home to haunt me 40 years later.

I also loved Jeet Kune Do, though it never induced any injuries, but it did result in the event of which I’m most proud – no, not proud, the achievement with which I’m most pleased (it also led to my working out, briefly, with the Chinese Kung Foo team in China, where I showed them an exercise only one of them could do, a girl of about 20 – great people. Everything else, they kicked my ass). Good memories, let’s make some more.

That’s it, all the way around the clock. Wonder what my next injury will be – I hope it involves some fun!

PS The enemies, you may ask? Boy, did I piss them off, but they were jerks, badly needing therapy, so I gave them some using logic – they weren’t listening. I hope they are now! Enemies I respect! Traitors? Well that’s another long story of human existence.



  1. Pauline Watson says

    Kevin, your post today resonated with me. I had an incident yesterday where I ran into a friend (not literally) in the local grocery store, and her first comment to me was ‘Are you injured?’ This friend is a graceful yoga instructor and occasional runner. I am not currently injured, nothing hurts, but I am just recovered from a soleus strain, toe surgery, have tight hip flexors and had just come from a workout. My thought was, I have well used legs and feet from 60 years of exercise. Like the emerging ‘ laugh lines’ on my face, I’d rather look and walk as if is lived my life to the fullest. Keep on exercising!

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