In The Pool The Wall Is Not Your Friend


Hi folks,

One of the greatest challenges to swimming fitness in my opinion is the end of the pool – I call it the wall, don’t know why. When you do a hard swim it feels so good to rest on the wall. The strange thing is that the clock, which is already going too fast, starts to speed up. A minute on the wall can feel like a few seconds. So if your coach says 10 seconds rest, don’t make it 11 seconds whatever you do. It will make all the difference to your swim. Think of the wall as a place not to be. Just look around and see how many people hang out there, looking at their workout, adjusting their goggles, stretching, whatever. Any excuse to stay right there on the wall. Don’t do it. Invent whatever mental tricks it takes to keep moving (I imagine my coach is watching). Use the rest interval, but you abuse the wall at your peril.

May you have killer swims and kick ass at the races.

-k Your Medical Mind


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